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Love in Twinkle Falls by Freda Ann

Bridgette Dupont is engaged to the hunky, flirty fireman who has it all—yet why does she feel anxiety when she thinks of herself walking down that aisle on their wedding day? With her best friend Sophie happily married and pregnant, Bridgette has a clear picture of what her life could look like, but she can’t help feeling the fear of motherhood…and when her past comes calling, all of Bridgette’s simmering emotions begin to boil over. Ryan Hodges couldn’t be any happier with his fiancée, she’s beautiful, compassionate and sweeter than pie—but when his parents drop into town for a surprise visit, tensions between his mother’s wants and his fiancée’s needs come to a head. When everything rains down on the happy couple all at once, their strength and faith in each other are put to the ultimate test. Will Ryan and Bridgette make it to the altar, or will they realize their future together was never meant to be?

Meet Again by Abi Sabina

Whoever invented joint bachelor parties never planned one with their ex. I should’ve known I couldn’t avoid seeing Hudson Remington again for the rest of my life, especially when we share best friends who are getting married. Does that mean I’m prepared to run into him? Nope. Not one bit. I am less prepared when my best friend requests he and I plan a joint bachelor party. Of course I’d be stuck with the man who broke my heart. Why would the universe stop at a simple encounter? It would be a piece of cake if Hudson returned to New York and stopped taking over the streets of our hometown. Instead, he decides it’s time for a walk down memory lane. I refuse to get caught up in everything that is Hudson. From his tailored suits to his dazzling smile and coffee delivery, the man yells trouble for my heart. A second chance is not part of my plans, but it seems said heart has other ideas. I don’t think I’ll recover from another Hudson-heartbreak.

The Elven Spymaster’s Thief by Elisa Rae

In a world full of elves, woodwose, gargoyles, and brownies among others, humans can’t help crossing paths with all of the magical species. Well, everyone except Avril. She manages to avoid all elves. Then one day, her master orders her to steal a dagger from the very elf she wishes to evade most, the elven spymaster of Eldarlan. Bound by her indenture, she has no choice but to obey. She plans a swift sneak-and-grab mission, but things go awry. Illeron knows more than any elf should. The gathering, analyzing, and disseminating of information consumes his life to the point his brother suggests he needs a distraction. So, when a human woman breaks into his study to steal his dagger, he seizes the opportunity and offers her a bargain she can’t refuse. And a fate he never imagined. The Elven Spymaster’s Thief is a light, fantasy romance novella full of banter, flirting, and fun romantic moments. It features an opposites-attract romance between a human girl and an attractive elf lord with a bit of a culture clash thrown in for fun.

Lady Sylvia’s Masquerade by Suz deMello

A sweet Regency romance–setting: England, 1813 She failed at the one task Society allotted to her… But there is more to Sylvia Dillworth than meets the eye.After a disastrous presentation at Court, Lady Sylvia learns that her parents plan to marry her to a man three times her age. Desperate to avoid this fate, she recklessly borrows her brothers clothes and flees to Oxford to…to…to do what? She has been trained for exactly one task: marry a peer and produce more peers. As the youngest son of a noble family, Alan Maitland had three prospects open to him: the Church, the military, or politics. But the moment he stepped onto the manicured quadrangle of his Oxford college, he decided he would never leave. His pay as a Music Master is modest, but as a bachelor, all his needs are met…except for a falsetto in his choir. He’s enchanted by the voice of “Syl Dill,” yet bizarrely attracted to the young man. Their feelings are mutual, but how can Lady Sylvia reveal herself without a scandal?

The Billionaires of Silicon Forest Prequels by Melissa McClone

Before the laughs, loves, and happily ever afters, there was the bet… The bet was simple. The last of Henry Davenport’s six billionaire friends to marry wins the half billion dollars, and the all-important bragging rights. But who knew losing could be so sweet? This clean and wholesome, contemporary romance box set features the following Billionaires of Silicon Forest prequels: The Gold Digger: Adam Zeile is not impressed with real estate agent Cambria Baker or the dilapidated cabin she’s trying to sell him. But will a mudslide—and one unforgettable kiss—make them put aside their differences and take a shot at love? The Kiss Catcher: Kieran O’Neal didn’t mean to deceive Chief Product Officer Selah Burton. But will his good intentions—and the growing attraction between them—be enough to make her forgive him when the truth comes out? The Game Changer: Mason Reese’s dinner party is just what Rachael Saunders, the Posh Planner, needs to take her career to the next level. How was she supposed to know the party was just a ploy to spend time with her…or that she’d be so dangerously attracted to him? Six billionaires. One Bet. Who’ll be the last man standing? Download today and find out…

The Companion and the Earl by Rose Pearson

A quiet companion…an arrogant Earl…will she save him from a trap? Being a handsome, high-titled gentleman in London made Jonathan’s first summer in London as the Earl of Havisham a great success. Returning to the city again for yet another summer, he hopes that he will find the same attentions and pleasures as before. Unfortunately, his mother decides she also wants to join him and insists upon bringing her quiet and rather dull companion – a companion that Jonathan has never met. Miss Deborah Fullerton has been a companion to Lady Havisham for the last three years and knows all too well the lady’s intention to marry her off to her son. However, upon meeting the gentleman, Deborah finds him rude, arrogant, and entirely selfish and declares to Lady Havisham that she could never imagine him as her husband. Unaware that she has been overheard, Deborah continues to behave just as a companion ought, oblivious to the fact that her words have stuck in the mind of Lord Havisham. When a trap is set for Jonathan, will Deborah be able to save him from it, without pushing herself too much into the fore of society? And what will Jonathan do when he realizes that the quiet, shy companion means more to him than any other lady could ever mean?

Mail Order Brides Rescue Series Box Set Books 1-4 by Jovie Grace

A complete, binge-worthy sweet mail-order bride series — full of heart and humor with a twist of suspense! Book 1: Hot-Tempered Hannah: A bounty hunter searching for a missing mail-order bride who looks identical to the only woman he’s ever loved… When Gabe Donovan is recruited to track down a missing mail-order bride, he receives the shock of his life. She could pass as a twin to Hannah Merrill, his former partner whom he thought he lost in a fire. If she’s still alive, it can only mean one thing — that she faked her own death — leaving Gabe precious little time to track down the missing beauty before the past she’s been running from finally catches up to her. Book 2: Cold-Feet Callie: When a runaway bride meets a true cowboy… Tennyson Barra, a claim jumper turned rancher, is ready to settle down with a wife and family of his own. He figures the easiest way to find the perfect woman is to let the Boomtown Mail Order Brides Company do the searching for him. He never counted on his prospective bride being kidnapped by highwaymen on her journey out West. Or being the man sent to rescue her — only to discover she never intended to follow through with their marriage contract in the first place… Book 3: Fiery Felicity: When love and the law collide… Levi Barra receives a telegram warning him to pay off a loan he wasn’t aware existed or risk losing his ranch. Since his sister has been badgering him about finding a good woman to marry, he decides the quickest way to solve both his problems is to advertise for a mail-order bride with a background in law. Book 4: Misunderstood Meg A lonely federal marshal working undercover, a wealthy heiress posing as a mail-order bride, a marriage of convenience that turns out to be anything but convenient… Meg Gladstone is a wealthy heiress who’s never tasted life outside the palatial fortress where she was raised for her own safety. The moment her late father’s shipping dynasty transfers to his business partner, she pursues her dream of living an normal, ordinary life. On a whim, she walks into a mail-order bride agency to inquire who would employ such an outlandish means to find a husband. To her surprise, the matchmaker spins a tale about love, family, and acceptance — all the things she longs for that her money can’t buy.