The Companion and the Earl by Rose Pearson


A quiet companion…an arrogant Earl…will she save him from a trap?

Being a handsome, high-titled gentleman in London made Jonathan’s first summer in London as the Earl of Havisham a great success. Returning to the city again for yet another summer, he hopes that he will find the same attentions and pleasures as before. Unfortunately, his mother decides she also wants to join him and insists upon bringing her quiet and rather dull companion – a companion that Jonathan has never met.

Miss Deborah Fullerton has been a companion to Lady Havisham for the last three years and knows all too well the lady’s intention to marry her off to her son. However, upon meeting the gentleman, Deborah finds him rude, arrogant, and entirely selfish and declares to Lady Havisham that she could never imagine him as her husband. Unaware that she has been overheard, Deborah continues to behave just as a companion ought, oblivious to the fact that her words have stuck in the mind of Lord Havisham.

When a trap is set for Jonathan, will Deborah be able to save him from it, without pushing herself too much into the fore of society? And what will Jonathan do when he realizes that the quiet, shy companion means more to him than any other lady could ever mean?