Whispers Over Wildrose Road by Kristy Tate


Welcome to Lake Arrowhead, an idyllic escape from Los Angeles’ sleaze and glitz, but there are shadows in the forest.

Lizzy, a cookie-baking grandma, and Madeline, a high-powered attorney, are as opposite as the brothers they married. When Madeline’s ex—an accountant—dies in California’s San Bernardino Mountains, they learn he invested all Lizzy’s money and most of his own into the warehouse where his body was found.

Now Madeline and Lizzy are co-owners of a property neither of them wants—a property steeped in intrigue. Was the ex’s death as innocent as it seemed? What was the warehouse being used for? And what are they going to do with it . . . And with each other . . . . And with the men who may or may not be entangled in the mystery?

A gripping mystery with a dash of wholesome romance set in an idyllic small town, this women’s fiction series is a heartwarming read, perfect for lazy lakeside days.

Warning, this short read may be as addictive as Lizzy’s chocolate chip cookies. It’ll be hard to stop at just one.