The Viscount’s Darling Adventure by Maggie Dallen and Katherine Ann Madison


Can these star-crossed lovers find their way back together despite their families’ feud?

While Leopold Ainsworth holds no particular grudge against the Rutlands, least of all the youngest sister Clarissa, he is a man who puts the duty and honor of his family first. If they don’t hold with the Rutlands then he doesn’t either. Period. No matter how lovely and vivacious they might be…

The feeling is mutual, as far as Clarissa is concerned. She wants nothing to do with the snobby, judgmental Ainsworths, and certainly not the viscount and heir. At least that’s what she believes until the night she attends a masquerade ball and is swept into the arms of an unknown man who is everything she’s ever wanted and more.

But her dream come true turns into a nightmare when she realizes the one man she wants is the only one she can’t have…

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