The Royal Cowboy Chooses Love by April Murdock


Choices are simple until they’re yours to make.

All Nick wants is a little control over his life. His parents—the king and queen of Bestio—have chosen everything for him, from his job to his fiancee. For once in his life, he’s determined to make his own decision. His final thought as his mount throws him is maybe he shouldn’t have mixed alcohol and horses.

Not working drives Aster up the walls. It’s worth breaking the rules to take extra shifts at the hospital… until her supervisor catches her. Now she’s stuck on administrative leave with nothing to do but explore the distant reaches of her family ranch. The last thing she expects is for a rogue horse to nearly trample her, buck off its rider, and knock him unconscious.

When Nick wakes up, his memory is a total blank. Aster takes charge, caring for his injuries while coaxing memories from the recesses of his mind. As his past surfaces, Nick gets his wish—he must decide his future.

If he forsakes his duty to follow his heart, will he ever be worthy of Aster’s love?

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