The Maid By Mistake Rescue by Jo Grafford


A mistaken identity followed by an accidental attraction… Whoever said two wrongs can’t make a right must not have been in love.

Anxious to put a recent bad break-up behind him, Police Detective Noah Zeller jumps at the chance to sharpen his search and rescue skills at the world-class Disaster City Search and Rescue Academy. The only downside is that the missing heiress case he’s currently working will have to go on the back burner for a few weeks. Or so he thought. Until a sassy-mouthed maid provides a clue that busts his case wide open.

Farrah Carmichael is ecstatic to land a coveted internship with one of the academy’s renowned dog handlers. Unfortunately, her single mom fractures her ankle and begs Farrah to additionally cover her evening shifts at the academy — just until she can get back on her feet. When a hunky fellow student mistakenly assumes she’s the owner of her mother’s Bloom Where You’re Planted cleaning service, she jokingly introduces herself as Bloom, the maid, and the fun begins.

Noah and Farrah are completely caught off guard by their unexpected attraction — just pile it on to their growing list of oopsies. Their feelings for each other, however, are no laughing matter. Neither is the danger swirling from the missing persons case. As they join forces to hunt down the heiress, they have to wonder if their meeting wasn’t such a mistake, after all, but rather a matter of Divine design.