The Love Cliches Collection, Books 1-3 by Emma St. Clair


Five best friends. Countless dating disasters. All the feels, all the laughs!

When popular dating advice columnist Sam, aka Dr. Love, needs material for her book on Love Clichés, she turns to her four best friends and their love lives.

Book One – Falling for Your Best Friend’s Twin: There are a million and one reasons why tech geek Abby shouldn’t fall for her BFF’s twin. Besides the obvious friend code, there’s the fact that Zane is now her client. But when she’s forced to join him on an investor’s weekend as part of the job, all the lines become blurry. Can these opposites make a relationship work outside of work despite the odds?

Book Two – Falling for Your Boss: Zoey never had trouble following the rules. Except for this one, and it’s a biggie: Don’t fall for your boss. Especially when the age gap between you is wider than the Grand Canyon. But when Gavin’s personal life spins out of control, Zoey is the only one who seems capable of holding him together. On paper, they shouldn’t work. But sometimes you find the best things outside the box…

Book Three – Falling for Your Fake Fiancé: Former beauty queen, Delilah, is done with being on stage. Until she’s offered the performance of her lifetime: marry a man she can’t stand to solve both their biggest problems. Only … being around Thayden (and his Great Dane) creates a whole new set of issues. Namely? She may not still hate the man she’s been pretending to love …

These closed-door romcoms will have you laughing out loud as you fall in love!

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