The Kid Sister by Kylie Key


I have a crush on my brother’s best friend…

Cullen Mercer is Covington Prep’s golden boy, Mr. Popular, Homecoming King

He’s always been nice to me, doesn’t mind me hanging around when he’s with my brother

So I don’t know why I’m looking at him differently

Don’t know why my heart races when I hand him a water bottle

Don’t know why I think I’m the one to save him…

Yeah, Cullen’s life looks a dream

But I find out it’s not

And then I do something stupid,

And realize I might have just ruined everything between us



Sierra is the Covington Chargers’ Water Girl

And she does a great job for the team

But there’s something else—

She sees me as more than just the football captain, the star quarterback

She sees the real me, the only one who does

But there’s a lot of things against us…

My father’s insistence that football is the most important thing in my life

And that Sierra is a junior

Who happens to be my best friend’s little sister…