The Cowboy’s One and Only by April Murdock


Knowing that change is inevitable and embracing it are two entirely different things…

Fresh off a break-up with the man everyone assumed she’d marry, Frankie isn’t even sure who she is. A trip to the place she loved as a child will help her find who she wants to be. Decisions about her future get a bit muddled when she meets Logan. It’s nice to have a friend and… friendship is the only option for them. Isn’t it?

Logan’s life is changing way too fast for his liking. The last thing he needs right now is romance. That was before he met her—the fiery out-of-towner who practically stole his heart on sight. But she has no intention of sticking around long-term, and he’s not a forever kind of guy, anyway. And yet, none of that matters when they’re together.

Can Logan and Frankie figure out what they want from life—and each other? Or was their happily ever after doomed from the very start?