The Army Ranger Rescue by Jenna Brandt


An ex-Army ranger trained in patrol and sentry search and rescue, a high school principal who catches his eye, and an earthquake that shakes up Dallas.

Sergeant Dylan Burke and his K9 partner, Scout, conducted dangerous war-zone search and rescue missions all over the world. Three years later, he’s settled into a simpler life, teaching students at the DCSR academy and responding to routine SAR calls. He doesn’t think he needs anything else, but when his boss tells him he’s going to a career day at a local high school and meets the leggy, brunette principal, he realizes he might be wrong.

Jillian Wenrich knows she’s changing the world, one high school kid at a time. She prides herself on being an active, thoughtful principal, and goes out of her way to make sure her students have every opportunity to succeed. That’s why she reaches out to the DCSRA and requests that they send over an instructor to talk to the students about what it takes to be the best of the best. What she doesn’t expect to happen is to fall for the handsome ex-Army ranger that shows up.

Will Dylan make room for Jillian in his life? Will Jillian open her heart to the guarded military hero? And what happens when an earthquake strikes and endangers the students and Jillian?