Sunset Summer by Stephanie J. Scott


Sometimes being the good girl means everyone loses.

When my parents sentenced me to geriatric exile in a sleepy beach town for the summer with my grandparents, I tried everything to stop it. I’m the good girl. The straight-A student and the newly elected co-captain of my high school track team. Only my sister Grace ruined everything. Grace, a rebel with a party girl reputation, insisted I join her at a party on her graduation night. All to be her designated driver. Too bad I only had a learner’s permit—and crashed her car. Oops.

Now, I’m in deep trouble with my parents and the court. My punishment means I’m trading team runs for scrubbing toilets at my grandparents’ Lake Michigan coastal inn. Any free time is used up working service hours at the local community center to show the court I deserve a driver’s license.

Then I meet Will. He’s cooler than I could ever hope to be with dyed black hair and piercings. He finds me on the beach and we talk through sunset. I need a friend right now and Will is here, listening. Only he’s a bad boy and that spells trouble.

But Will isn’t as he seems. His bad boy image hides deep hurts I’m only beginning to uncover. Time with Will feels like an escape. I might actually make it through this summer.

The trouble is, I’m falling for Will, and I have secrets of my own. If Will finds out what really happened the night of the party, we’ll lose everything we’ve built.

Sunset Summer is a young adult summer job romance and the second book in the Love on Summer Break series.

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