Song of Nightingales by Jo Grafford


A billionaire playboy trying to turn over a new leaf, a lovely doctor claiming to be too busy to commit to a relationship, and his relentless pursuit of a second chance at love…

CEO Kellan Maddox is determined to change his image from a billionaire playboy to a socially responsible executive. The first step he takes is helping rebuild the small town of Heart Lake, Texas, which has been devastated by tornados. Naturally, he chose this particular project in the hopes of turning his friendship with a hometown girl into something more. Old habits die hard. But he sees no reason why he can’t mix a little work with pleasure. Until it becomes painfully clear she has unfinished business with a bull riding champion from her past…

Dr. Patty Iwasaki has chosen to set up practice at the rural Heart Lake Medical Center to dodge old family money and all the pressures that accompany it, including a stalker. Small town life suits her just fine. She loves working with the ranchers, farmers, and rodeo riders. Plus, she’s slowly making a difference in the quality of medical care available on the adjacent Native American reservation. Everything is going smoothly, until her bestie insists on introducing her to the new billionaire in town. A guy who represents everything she hates. A guy who, not too long ago, was pursuing that same best friend. A guy whose very presence seems to yank her stalker out of retirement.

Neither is prepared for their instant attraction, which Patty quickly chalks up to long work hours and exhaustion. However, she’s never gone head-to-head with a man possessing his brand of devastating charm. Though her better judgment keeps issuing a resounding no, her heart keeps saying yes. Unfortunately, a man of Kellan’s reputation can’t claim she’s his first, second, or even his third choice. But can he convince her that she’s his final choice? The right choice? The one and only woman he’s willing to love and protect at all costs?

Welcome to Heart Lake! A small town teaming with old family rivalries, the rumble of horses’ hooves, and folks — on both sides of the law and everywhere in between — that you’ll never forget.

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