Song of Love by Helen Henry


A new beginning in Paradise Bay…

Ben needs a quiet place to create songs for a triumphant return to the stage.

Laurie needs a miracle to hold on to the home and business she is on the verge of losing—a paying guest at the Bay Breeze Inn could be the first step.

After the loss of her husband, Laurie retreated from the world, letting relationships and dreams slip away. Now, she not only has to make big financial decisions, but deal with her temporary guest who captures her attention in unexpected ways.

The longer Ben stays in Paradise Bay, the more he understands that finding fame again might not be a priority anymore.

He is falling for Laurie—but can she open her heart to love again?

Song of Love is the first book in the Healing Harts series about four sisters who each strive to find their own Happy Ever After.

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