Seaside Scoops by Piper Malone


When Alexandria Spencer rushes from New York back to her hometown of Grey’s Harbor with the news that her beloved father suffered a heart attack, she prepares for the worst. Of all the wildest possibilities Alex considered, none of them involved a reunion with Gabriel Barnes, a high school classmate who diligently worked alongside her father for extra cash as a teen. She also didn’t realize that Gabe, the shy young man she’d grown up with, had morphed into a ruggedly handsome jack-of-all-trades who managed Spencer Farms.

Despite the years and miles between them, the sheltered longing Gabe held for Alexandria Spencer never subsided. Back in town and eager to help, Alex works on the farm beside Gabe while her father recovers. As they share the workload and rekindle their friendship over youthful memories, the flame Gabe held for his long-lost crush surges anew. But when Alex plans to visit the first store she opened, Gabe can’t protect her from a heartbreaking discovery. Daisy’s Ice Cream, a once thriving landmark in town, has withered to an abandoned storefront.

Freezer-burned tubs of ice cream aren’t enough to dampen Alex’s desire to revitalize her shop. With Gabe by her side, Alex embraces the passion she struggled to find in New York. But when a dazzling opportunity presents itself, Alex must make a choice: a dream job in the big city or her love for sweet scoops, Grey’s Harbor, and Gabriel Barnes.