Roan's Rival by Loni Ree


When the choice is love or money, there’s only one option…

ROAN: Chestnut Landing is stuck in the nineteen fifties. It’s my legacy as Sutherland Roan Banks IV to change that. I’ve bought up the entire Main Street, and with my help, this back-dated little town will become a thriving metropolis. There’s just one problem. The current tenants of Main Street are happy living in the past and heavily resistant to my plans. Especially, Addelyn Edwards the owner of the all-natural soap shop, Soap Addiction. Given a chance, she’d run me right out of town. Personally, I’d rather the beautiful soap-maker ran straight into my arms…

ADDIE: Sutherland R. Banks IV is trying to ruin my life. He’s destroying the town I love, and he’s shutting my business down. I won’t let him. I need all of my focus on fighting this invisible faux, but when the man of my dreams walks through the coffee shop’s doors, I’m open to distraction. Roan is everything I ever imagined in a man. He’s tall, handsome, giving. He treats me like a queen and makes me feel like everything is going to be OK as long as I have him fighting in my corner. He’ll help me beat Sutherland Roan Banks IV and keep my business from crumbling, I just know it. Wait…Roan is Sutherland R. Banks. Am I falling for my enemy?

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