Return of Miracles by Jo Grafford


Two damaged hearts, an unexpected prison release sponsorship, and the holiday ranch assignment that just might provide the redemption both of them are so desperately seeking…

Victor Cross, former leader of the most dangerous motorcycle gang in the west, is released on parole into the capable hands of his new sponsor, Arabella Weston. The horse ranch she and her late husband built from scratch has been a haven for countless men in need of a second chance over the past five years. When a freak highway accident leaves her widowed, however, she considers selling her prize herd and closing the doors for good. Until a dare from her best friend has her accepting one last parolee on Christmas Eve — if for no other reason than to prove she’s no longer fit to be a role model for anyone.

She’s stunned by the way her rough and tough guest quickly takes her struggling ranch in hand. He works around the clock as if he’s being chased by demons — and maybe he is. However, she can’t deny that things are running smoother than they have in months and she’s in no hurry to see him go…ever.

When the disappearances begin — a tractor that can’t be located and a horse that supposedly ran away — Arabella has to wonder if she’s put too much trust in Victor too soon. Are the dark stains of the ex-gang leader’s past bleeding through, or is someone simply trying to make it look that way? Her better judgment tells her to report him to the authorities, while her heart is begging her to give him one last chance.

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