Rescuing Her Heart by Callie Timmins


He’d rescued her once before. Would she let him do it again?

After a near drowning a decade ago, Amelia Lincoln has rarely stepped foot in the ocean. It’s a silly notion, given that she lives in Serenity Bay, and runs her own business – By the Bay Tours – shuttling tourists around her hometown. But she hasn’t ever gotten over that terrible day when she was forced to think about her mortality. Nor has she forgotten the young guy who pulled her from the waves all those years ago. When she discovers Flynn Landy is back in town, her old feelings resurface, and she discovers her teenage crush on the handsome lifeguard never went away.

But Flynn hadn’t noticed her ten years ago, so why would he notice her now?

Flynn returns home to Serenity Bay reeling from his mistakes. Despite the mess he made of his life, his proudest achievement is his daughter, Poppy. She’s the light of his life, and he won’t let anything – or anyone – jeopardize his family again. Not even the girl he pulled from the surf in his first rescue. Not that she’s a girl anymore. Amelia Lincoln has grown into a beautiful woman. A smart, successful, gorgeous woman.

But he won’t be tempted by another relationship. He can’t allow his feelings get in the way of anything anymore. Especially when he’s got his daughter to protect.

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