Rescue Agent for Penny by Jenna Brandt


Rescue Agent Corbin Granger loves everything to do with the snow. When his career as a professional snow boarder was cut short, he pivoted into a career focused on his second love, animals. He finally got his dream posting in the Alaskan frontier, grateful to return to the glacial home he’s been missing. So when a wildlife biologist comes knocking on his cabin door, it’s the last thing he wants.

Penny Roberts is thrilled to explore the wildlife located on a remote Alaskan mountain. She thinks she’s prepared for anything, but when a massive storm rolls in and separates her from her group, she realizes she’s underestimated the savage land. Her only hope for survival is toughing it out with a handsome loner living in a cabin.

Will Corbin get over his past to make room for a future? Can Penny thaw Corbin’s icy heart? And will they be able to save a pack of orphaned wolf cubs before it’s too late?