Perils of Starlight by Jo Grafford


A policeman who exclusively works the night shift to hide his scars, a lovely detective determined to solve a cold case, and the trail of clues that just might lead to love…

Newly promoted Police Sergeant Luke Hawling is determined to rid his county of its growing drug problem, even if it means going head-to-head with the most feared motorcycle gang in the west. He has an old score to settle with them, anyway, for starting the house fire a few years earlier that nearly claimed his life. A chance meeting with a woman from the gang gives him an inside source, and he’s that much closer to making an arrest — a job that’ll go more smoothly if he ignores the spark of instant attraction between them.

Detective Willow Presley (no relation to Elvis…bummer!) has been sent undercover to Heart Lake to reopen an arson cold case. Her training has more than prepared her to deal with hardened criminals. However, her heart proves no match for the brooding, sarcastic police officer she’s seeking justice for.

Luke doesn’t believe any woman can ever love a beastly face like his, and she only has a few days to convince him otherwise before he discovers her true identity as the daughter of a hated Remington. Fortunately, she has plenty of faith, hope, and starlight on her side.

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