Next Door Cottage by Sophia J. Walker


It was supposed to be the place I’d get inspiration for my next novel.

Little did I know it would be from a fake relationship with the bully from my past.

What romance writer wouldn’t be excited about a handsome single man renting the cottage next to hers?

Well, I was. Until I realized it was him.

Ian Hendricks was a thorn in my side that went way back. All the way to high school when he was my brother’s best friend.

Since then, whenever I saw articles about his new billions, I scoffed.

Him showing up here meant one thing. Trouble had come to town, the kind that I used to have a mega crush on.

Imagine my shock when he asked me to be his fake girlfriend. Foolish me said, yes. In hopes for the inspiration I needed for my next romance novel.

I got a little too much inspiration as I started falling for him.

He was a totally different person. Sweet, respectful, charming, and an excellent cook.

This was so not in my plan.

My career is on the edge of ending and the last thing I need is another distraction.

Losing myself in love could mean the end of my career or my chance to finally have the man I once dreamed of.