My High School Quarterback Boyfriend by Kylie Key


Falling for the boy next door? No. Definitely not. Can’t happen. Won’t happen…


There’s no time to enjoy senior year. With training for track and keeping top grades, the pressure to succeed is constant. Especially when you live in the shadow of your older sister, who is currently studying at Harvard.

When Dean joins the track team, I find myself losing focus. He’s my next door neighbor and childhood friend. But since we started high school, Dean has left me behind. He’s Mr Popularity, the school’s star quarterback. And he’s dating his way through the cheer squad

But now he wants to train with me. He wants to be project partners. He wants to go out for ice cream. And I find myself kind of falling for him. Which is crazy, isn’t it… Because there’s no room for love in my life. And certainly not with the boy next door…

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