More than a Companion by Rose Pearson


A uncertain future for a lady…an arrogant Earl…will they find a way to a happy ever after?

Sent to be her aunt’s companion by an impoverished father, Miss Honora Gregory struggles against disappointment and loneliness. Now in London, Honora’s aunt seeks only her own entertainment and Honora is forced into the background. Blunt and forthright, she does not hide her true opinion despite her lowly status. When her aunt gives her one evening, one opportunity of finding a gentleman to court her, Honora knows exactly which gentleman in particular she will make certain to avoid – the arrogant and selfish Lord Crampton.

Robert, the Earl of Crampton is irritated with the lady. Even though she is only a companion, Robert finds himself caught up with her, angry at her manner towards him. When someone begins to bring trouble to Robert’s door, he is astonished to find that Honora is the one by his side. Will she be willing to help him, if he should ask? And can he eschew his pride and see her as more than just a companion?