Love at the Flower Cafe by Monique Brasher


Getting a job providing flowers for a smash hit reality dating show was the plan. Falling for the bachelor, my brother’s best friend, wasn’t.

When I was offered the opportunity for my flower cafe to be the go-to for the florals on the set of Love in a Small Town, I jumped at the chance for life-changing exposure for my small business. I just never expected to be cast as a contestant at the last minute, competing for the heart of Flynn Jackson, the person I’d always wanted but could never have.

It should’ve been simple: play the part for a little while, get sent home, and reap the benefits. Yet from the moment I fall out of the sleigh and into his arms, it’s anything but. I’m a small town florist, he’s a famous snowboarding athlete. We’re from two different worlds, obvious from the moment I walk into the Inn on the first night.

But old feelings resurface, and he’s always everywhere with that charm and sexy smolder. I can’t escape him. The more time we spend together, the harder it is to keep the secrets that could cost me everything I’ve worked for.

Especially after he pulls me aside, and tells me the one thing I never expected: he’s got feelings for me too.