Love and Loathing by Gigi Blume


It’s not easy to hate the hottest star in hollywood but somebody’s got to do it.

Beth: Why do I hate Will Darcy? How much time do you have? There was that day he basically insulted my acting. And then there’s the way he… exists. Plus, he’s infuriatingly arrogant, wholly unbearable, and drop-dead gorgeous. I mean, the magazines think he’s gorgeous. Not me. Definitely not me. I hate his pretty face, his action hero arms, and his annoying kisses. Oh. Did I forget to mention that? Don’t get too hot and bothered, it’s just for the stage. He’s cast as The Pirate King and I’m the unlucky maiden who he flings over his muscular shoulder. It’s a tough job. But even through Will hates my guts, his eyes tell another story. The way he looks at me sends a warm flutter down my belly. And since I swore to loathe him for all eternity, falling for him would be an extreme inconvenience. What’s a girl to do?

Will: I’m only doing this musical as a favor to a friend, and I certainly could do without the distraction from Beth Bennet—even if she invades my daydreams like an over-zealous photo bomber. The way she spars with me and gets under my skin… it’s dangerous. I need to keep my head down, finish this play, and get back to my action movies. Except I’m starting to wonder if that’s what I really want. Not only has this sassy pixie taken residence in my head, she redecorated and I can’t find anything. What is this torment? Even my dog prefers her. I wonder what would happen if I stop fighting this attraction brewing inside me? And when the curtain falls and the lights dim, how will I know if this on-stage romance is nothing more than just a fantastic performance?