Knox's Surprise by L. Ree


**Knox’s Surprise is the sweet and clean version of Leaping for Love by Loni Ree. The author has removed all bad language and sexual situations to give you a sweet and entirely wholesome read. The content has changed slightly and the book has been re-edited.**

Imagine my surprise when, after my morning shower, I walk out of the bathroom to find a stunning blonde talking to my dog. Lucky pup. My dog walker is early, and something is happening to me. She’s gorgeous, impertinent, and scary. There’s a funny sensation happening in my chest that I’ve never felt before. I think I’m in love.

My roommate needs a huge favor–walk her employer’s spoiled dog for one day. How hard could it be? She assures me her rich, grouchy employer is never home. In fact, she’s never met him. With my job in jeopardy due to a corporate takeover, she picked the worst time possible to ask for help, but I can’t say no. If she loses her job, all our expenses will fall on my shoulders. Knox Walker isn’t supposed to be home when I let myself into his apartment. After surprising him, my unfiltered thoughts escape and insult him. But instead of firing “me,” he invites me to lunch.

There’s only one problem. I’m not really Knox’s dog walker. After discovering my secret, he offers me a job that’s too exciting to turn down. It’s time to leap into a whole new me.

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