Kiss Me, Baby, One More Time by Cindy Ray Hale


Fake dating is easy until opposites attract!

Eccentric hippie, Onyx Sharp, is the maid of honor in her best friend’s wedding. But she’s not happy about having to spend so much time with the best man, Taylor. Not only does she distrust men, but being around him annoys her. The last thing she expects is for him to kiss her impulsively at a party before the wedding. And the main problem is, she wants him to kiss her one more time, but she’s not sure she can let her heart trust again.

Straight-laced surgeon Taylor Roberts is tired of being teased about being eternally single by the other groomsmen. He makes a bet that he can get the beautiful maid of honor to date him before the wedding is over. The problem is, she can’t stand him! He promises he’ll give up his booth in the Maple Creek Fall Festival to her mom’s crystal shop if she’ll pretend to date him, an offer he knows she can’t pass up.

The longer Onyx is around Taylor the more she feels drawn to him, despite being his polar opposite. Can she continue the facade of dating him when her heart gets involved?