How Not to Fake Marry a Billionaire by Ashlee Mallory


People say I’m smart. Probably because I have a PhD in astrophysics and am on the cusp of publishing a theory that just might change our perception of the known universe. The verdict, however, is still out for me. After all, I fell for a colleague who broke my heart and then stole the grant money from the Camella Franklin Foundation that had been funding my research. Did I mention he’s also engaged to Camella Franklin? Then the gorgeous and charming billionaire Colin Fitzgerald came to me with a proposal that might just change my life. A marriage in name only in return for the grant money needed to fund my research. Marrying a hot billionaire wouldn’t be so bad, right? Except that from the moment I laid eyes on the guy, it felt like the stars had aligned and I had actually met my destiny. He, on the other hand, had been totally in love with my best friend. But, as people say, I’m smart. I wouldn’t do anything so foolish as to fall in love with my fake husband. Like I said…the verdict is still out.

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