Her Billionaire Double Date by Jo Grafford


When best friends go on a double date to raise money for charity and spark an accidental attraction…

It’s complicated. That’s the only way to describe how Priscilla Cardale ever ended up becoming besties with one of the hottest bachelors in Anchorage — a billionaire, no less. He invites her to attend a charity ball with him, and she agrees on one condition. Make it a double date so that no one gets the wrong idea about their relationship. All it takes is one dance, however, to make her realize that their friendship she’s been so fiercely protecting is already changing.

As the chief financial officer of a mega industrial design corporation, Knox Calcagni believes in one thing — hard, cold numbers. Unlike most of the women he’s dated, numbers don’t lie, cheat, or pretend things they don’t really feel. In fact, the only woman he trusts implicitly is his penny-pinching best friend, Priss. An orphan who’s been on her own since age sixteen, she’s genuine, outspoken, and painfully honest about everything. Including her surprising and inexplicable lack of interest in dating him.

But they don’t call him the hardest, most calculating Calcagni brother for nothing. Before someone else comes along and snatches Priss up, he plans to at least open her eyes to the possibility of becoming more than friends.

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