Halstead House by Aspen Hadley


Grace Natalie Burke was named after her mother’s two favorite Hollywood actresses, but the only thing they seem to have in common is the ability to put on a good show. Growing up under the iron thumb of her mother, she’s never made a mistake or gone off script. But as her 30th birthday comes, the illusion shatters. Motivated by a need for more, Grace sheds her sheepish ways and buys a one-way airline ticket to Lavender Island, TX in order to fulfill a lifelong dream of hers to see the Halstead House mansion she’s heard so much about.When Grace arrives on the island she’s caught up on the swirl of it all, landing a temporary job as an assistant event planner, making new friends, and finding herself on the receiving end of some interestingly fun therapy sessions with the head housekeeper. Then there’s John Lucas, the Halstead heir and aloof businessman. No one could have prepared her for the feelings he would stir in her, or the way he’ll do anything to keep her at arms length.Follow along as Grace discovers who she really is, and where she truly belongs.

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