Facing Calgary's Dream by Anne Stone


Ryne Ferguson has always dreamed of playing for his hometown team, the Calgary Storm. A born leader and captain of his current team, he knows it’s bound to happen soon. He’s in the best shape of his career and playing better than ever. When he’s unexpectedly traded to the St. Louis Generals, his life is turned upside down forcing him to move from Canada to St. Louis, Missouri, crushing his dream of playing for the Storm. He has no interest being in St. Louis until a near accident changes his mind.

Jennifer Steele is a teacher in St. Louis, with a passion for hockey and photography—well, hockey anyway. When she lost her parents in a tragic car accident, she lost her love of photography too. Her father owned a photography studio, and now being behind the camera brings nothing but aching memories of loss. Instead, she focuses on her grandparents and work. When Jennifer is offered the chance to coordinate a huge fundraiser for her school showcasing her photos, she’s unsure. How can she reopen a chapter in her life that is so painful? Then hockey great, Ryne, is asked to assist Jennifer with the fundraiser and she convinces herself that all will be well.

As the couple work together, love blossoms and they become inseparable. Ryne discovers Jennifer’s talent and knows she’s happier behind the lens of a camera. How can he persuade her to chase her real dream when he’s not even achieved his own? Then an injury forces Ryne to question his future in hockey. He will do anything to play for his beloved Storm before his career ends, but a trade would mean moving back to Canada.

Jennifer doesn’t want to leave her grandparents.

Ryne doesn’t want to give up one love for another.

Will they both take a chance and follow their dreams?