Cats and Wolves by Amberlyn Holland


Caitlyn doesn’t have nine lives. She is, however, willing to risk the one she’s got to reclaim the legacy stolen from her family.

As long as the Golden Shield remains in the hands of the vicious Lord Gifre, wolf-shifter Doane knows his pack will never be safe. So he’ll do whatever it takes to get the powerful ancient relic away from his enemy.

The Golden Shield rightfully belonged to her family and Caitlyn will cross any line to reclaim it. After months of lying, cheating, and morally ambiguous choices, the chance to get it back is almost within her reach.

Unfortunately, the only way in to Gifre’s heavily guarded estate requires Doane and Caitlyn to pose as a married couple.

In constant danger of discover, they forced to work together and trust one another in order to survive.

But only one of them will be able to walk away with the prize.