Catering to Love by Kadee McDonald


A beautiful chef has perfected at least a thousand recipes. But will she and her handsome martial arts instructor find the right ingredients when they begin Catering to Love?

It takes confidence to launch a new catering company right before the fall holiday season, but Chef Amber Pearson is fresh out, thanks to her philandering ex-husband. Her brother’s suggestion that she sign up for a self-defense class seems like a great idea to help her rebuild her self-esteem. It’s only a few hours a week and there’s no commitment … she’s definitely not ready for any sort of commitment.

Luis Mendoza is faced with a dilemma when his high school crush walks into his martial arts studio on Town Square. He came home to help his family after his father’s untimely death and to start his own business, which means he needs to stay sharp and focused. Feeling like a nerdy seventeen-year-old again every time Amber shows up for class definitely doesn’t fit in with his plans.

Will Halloween to Christmas Eve be enough time for Amber to learn to trust and love again? And, as they get closer, can Luis stop worrying that she isn’t really over her cheating ex, or that he could show up at any time to try to win her back?