Bride for the Innkeeper by Jo Grafford


He’s a disinherited younger son. She’s a poverty-stricken cowgirl. Though they don’t see eye-to-eye on how to run a business together, attraction sparks the moment they meet.

Edward Remington is on a mission to restore the Texas inn he’s inherited to its former glory — proving to his family that he can survive without their wealth. It’s not an easy task, with a trio of cowboy brothers attempting to jump a claim on the place, neighbors to the south disputing land boundaries, and no women in town to soften the edges of the brawling settlers.

He submits an application to a mail-order bride agency, stressing his need for a lady with the social graces necessary to step into the role of an inn proprietress. Maybe the agency misunderstood his application, or maybe they never bothered reading it in the first place, because they ultimately send Lacey Cleveland his way — a heart-stopping beauty in a threadbare dress with a toddler in her arms and a whole new pack of trouble dogging her heels.

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