Autumn Sensations by Lorah Jaiyn


After a tragic house fire that takes the life of Layne McIntyre’s young son, Forestry Firefighter Toby Taggert’s overwhelming guilt starts his journey into the bottom of a bottle. Months later, after an unexpected encounter with Layne and a subsequent fight at a local bar, his grandmother, a woman he hasn’t seen in over a decade, bails him out of jail under the condition he go back home with her to fight his demons. He soon learns that Layne lives nearby and tries to retreat back into his drunken habits. But when Layne’s older son is trapped by a wildfire, will Toby rise to the challenge or flee the situation? This is the final installment in the Nut House Series. Will the Taggert siblings reunite and move forward together, or has their past ruined their chances of being a family?

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