When the ravening wolf is in your soul, where can you run?

Scripture says, “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” A timeless warning since human nature is fallen and the devil, like a lion, seeks to devour all that he can in every age.
But what can one Amish woman do? Where can Naomi Boentreger turn once she realizes that the false prophet lives in her own soul? Is the sheep’s clothing that she thought was pure merely a disguise that will ravage her and the only family she has left? The family she wanted is gone forever since she stayed in Justice, Maryland instead of following her heart.
Her faith-filled choice is cold comfort, but believing is what she must do.

Undercover and working a case he’d rather not, FBI agent Daniel Graber, an Englisch raised as Amish, is conflicted by more than the nefarious activities of Aaron Esch, the suspected power behind an international drug trafficking scheme. A missing Amish girl is another something thrown into the mix and justice, true justice, demands answers.

Daniel can only hope and, yes, pray that Naomi “Mimi” Boentreger is not involved in criminal activity. Prison would be a far better option than the horrible death that may claim his one and only love if he doesn’t step lightly. But how? How when all he wants is to secret Mimi away and live the life that life denied them? The time has come for Daniel to believe!

Embrace the danger with scrumptious tropes:

✓Second Chance Romance
✓Forbidden Love
✓FBI Undercover Ops
✓Small Town