A Bride for Boss by Marisa Masterson


This miracle child is not Frankie’s, so why does she risk her marriage to keep the little girl? Frankie’s worry is only about her proxy groom. She has no idea of the danger that follows the child.

Frances “Frankie” Elder is brutally frank. It’s what led to her firing by the school board. The advertisement for a bride/teacher seems heaven sent. The fact that her groom demands a proxy marriage doesn’t faze her. She was already sure this would be a business arrangement rather than a real marriage.

On her way from Wisconsin to Wyoming, Frankie stops in Chicago to buy warmer clothing. Instead, she ends up with a child. What’s a woman to do? She’s longed for a little one. Besides, the girl clings to her, craving love. But will her husband find the girl as irresistible as she does?

Boswick “Boss” Carter is the first mayor of Scrub Brush, Wyoming. When the town demands a teacher, he agrees to send for a mail-order bride who’s a trained teacher. Winter nights are lonely and he’s a terrible cook. This will solve both his problem and the town’s.

To be sure the woman doesn’t cheat him out of the cost of a ticket, he demands she marry him by proxy. Of course, he doesn’t bother taking part in a proxy ceremony. That way he can decide if he’ll keep her.

What should be a business arrangement quickly becomes a matter of the heart. The three would be a happy family, if only the kidnappers stopped coming at night. Who’s sending them and how can they keep their adopted child safe?