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Mail Order Brides Rescue Series Books 1-4 by Jovie Grace

The only mail-order bride contract with a rescue clause — a team of cowboys sworn to defend and protect any mail-order bride who runs into trouble during her journey west. 

Book 1: Hot-Tempered Hannah: A bounty hunter searching for a missing mail-order bride who looks identical to the only woman he’s ever loved… When Gabe Donovan is recruited to track down a missing mail-order bride, he receives the shock of his life. She could pass as a twin to Hannah Merrill, his former partner whom he thought he lost in a fire. If she’s still alive, it can only mean one thing — that she faked her own death — leaving Gabe precious little time to track down the missing beauty before the past she’s been running from finally catches up to her.

Book 2: Cold-Feet Callie: When a runaway bride meets a true cowboy… Tennyson Barra, a claim jumper turned rancher, is ready to settle down with a wife and family of his own. He figures the easiest way to find the perfect woman is to let the Boomtown Mail Order Brides Company do the searching for him. He never counted on his prospective bride being kidnapped by highwaymen on her journey out West. Or being the man sent to rescue her — only to discover she never intended to follow through with their marriage contract in the first place!

Book 3: Fiery Felicity: When love and the law collide… Levi Barra receives a telegram warning him to pay off a loan he wasn’t aware existed or risk losing his ranch. Since his sister has been badgering him about finding a good woman to marry, he decides the quickest way to solve both his problems is to advertise for a mail-order bride with a background in law.

Book 4: Misunderstood Meg: A lonely federal marshal working undercover, a wealthy heiress posing as a mail-order bride, a marriage of convenience that turns out to be anything but convenient… Meg Gladstone is a wealthy heiress who’s never tasted life outside the palatial fortress where she was raised for her own safety. The moment her late father’s shipping dynasty transfers to his business partner, she pursues her dream of living an normal, ordinary life. On a whim, she walks into a mail-order bride agency to inquire who would employ such an outlandish means to find a husband. To her surprise, the matchmaker spins a tale about love, family, and acceptance — all the things she longs for that her money can’t buy.

Family and faith-filled western romance stories that will make you want to fall in love again.