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Securing Charity by Julia David

Has God and all that is good abandoned her? Even when a strapping Swedish man fights off her attacker, the Roma beauty Charity Baldzo flees to the Garo land, the farm her mother has moved them to. With Charity’s hidden disability and odd heritage, will she ever feel safe? As no good deed goes unpunished, Ari Johansson’s sheep are killed in revenge by the man who attacked his lovely neighbor, his brother is sent to jail for a murder he did not commit, and his home and barn are burned. At least the woman he helped has offered to care for his nephew Soren. As the weeks pass, and his desperation increases, Ari doesn’t want to rely on the kindness of the feisty Roma women who’ve been gracious to care for his young nephew, but his choices have dwindled to none. Until… Charity’s mother presses him to make a deal. An arrangement he should certainly refuse. What if her idea is the only option to see Soren safe and his brother released from prison? Should he take the beautiful Charity for a wife, hold the deed to the Garo land to secure a living, and give Soren the care and stability he’s never had? With the toughest choices of his life, attraction to Charity is not a problem, but how will they live? Will their differences create more heartache? Or bring a future back into his life? Can hope rise from brokenness to create a new family?