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Country Stars in Maple Bay by Brittney Joy

Myra despises liars. And the biggest fake just stole her coffee shop. Skyler Ridge, the famous country music star, is a fake. At least that’s what the tabloids say—that he doesn’t have a country bone in his body. Running from a scandal and the relentless paparazzi, Skyler lands in the small town of Maple Bay where he buys a failing coffee shop. He wants peace, quiet, and the chance to reinvent himself. Instead, he gets a cowgirl-barista with a surly attitude. But even though Myra drives him crazy, he can’t deny the fire she lights in him—a spark he hasn’t felt in years. Single-mother Myra is edging on forty and has no room for a man in her life. She barely has room to breathe. But when she can’t save her coffee shop from foreclosure, the most irritatingly handsome man forces himself into her life. And she wants him out. Now. So when Skyler’s agent presents Myra with a deal to gain her coffee shop back, she jumps at the chance. The catch? Myra must turn Skyler into a real cowboy and save his country music career—before his label drops him. But as Myra and Skyler are forced to spend time together, their broken hearts start to heal. Can they overcome rocky pasts to find a happily-ever-after? Or is their love song destined to end on a sour note?

Saltwater Tears by Monique McDonell

Banner: I survived my time as a marine, barely, and now I’m back home in Marlin Shores, running our family’s marina with my two brothers, both of whom would rather be somewhere else. I don’t know why Lexi avoids me when everyone else in town has welcomed me back with open arms until I discover underneath the pink hair and tough attitude is the girl I was friends with before she vanished years earlier. The more she wants me to keep my distance, the more I’m drawn to her. It’s clear we both have scars, maybe we can heal together. Lexi: I don’t want Banner or anyone else to remember me as that broken girl. I need to stick to my plan to renovate my uncle’s house, sell it and get out of town. The only problem is the more time I spend with Banner, the more I want. He wants to help me, I know that, and I used to trust him. How can I let go of the past and build a future when I don’t even trust myself? I want to let him in, but I don’t know how.

An Agent for Bernadette by Jovie Grace

A wealthy debutante dodges an arranged marriage by becoming a Pinkerton agent, only to find out her first assignment will involve working undercover with the man she was supposed to marryAll her life, Bernadette Chambers has been following orders about how to dress, what to say, and who to say it to. However, she draws the line at marrying a man she’s never met, even though it means she’ll be disowned. Desperate for both money and adventure, she signs on as a Pinkerton agent, never dreaming her new partner will be the very man she was trying to avoid. Park Harrington is a shipping tycoon by day and a Pinkerton agent by night, which leaves no time for courting. When the fiancée he’s never laid eyes on refuses to honor their arranged marriage contract, he despairs of ever finding a suitable wife. Imagine his surprise to hear he’ll be serving undercover as her groom on the next case!