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Capturing Her Heart by Callie Timmins

Is a decade too long for forgiveness? Stephanie Mayfield is dog tired. Working in Serenity Bay’s ER and caring for her ailing mother, she still grieves the loss of her brother, Jake, a decade ago and struggles to cope with all life has thrown at her. This wasn’t the life she signed up for, but she tries to accept her lot and deal with everything as best as she can. While her friends are enjoying Friday nights on the town, she’s curled up on the couch with a cup of tea and trying to stay awake. Long gone are the dreams of white picket fences and settling down with a family of her own. She can only see a future of mounting medical bills and endless house repairs. Until an old friend returns to town, rekindles buried feelings and shakes her world apart. Ten years ago, Dan Kinross packed up and left Serenity Bay for San Francisco without a backward glance, something Stephanie has never forgiven him for. They were good friends, once. Until he destroyed their friendship without even a hint of why. Joining the city’s police force, he was able to solve crimes and ignore the guilt of his past mistakes, until an injury forces him to return home. When Dan sees the woman who stole his heart all those years ago, he wonders if their friendship is worth the risk of telling the truth. Can past mistakes be forgiven? Is a lifelong friendship worth the risk?

The Messenger's Mischief by Julia David

The plucky Miss Elaine Balderhoff’s life is hanging by a thread as the Wells Fargo stage races across the Nevada desert. Bandits have attacked the stage, and the shotgun messenger sworn to protect the passengers is now the one in desperate need of help. In all the ruckus, the unthinkable has happened. He’s lost the new Virginia City schoolmarm’s cat. Finding her beloved Moses will certainly trump Mr. Roth’s need to stay alive. Overly responsible, Miss Balderhoff realizes when the Wells Fargo man isn’t snarling from pain, he’s quite handsome. More than Christian duty sparks her steps to his aid. Serious and determined, Sawyer Roth could care less about a silly cat. Without a working shoulder, he’s no good as a Wells Fargo shotgun messenger. Gutsy and kind, he’ll give Miss Balderhoff that. But her sweet smile and warm touch will not persuade him into affections with a gal so odd and peculiar as her. And a shotgun messenger’s not allowed to marry, so there is no future to entertain. Or is there?