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The Fulton Ridge Christian Romance Series: Books 1-3 by Laura Domino

Can true love mend broken hearts? Three full-length novels in the Fulton Ridge Christian romance series.

(Book 1) The Promotion: What’s more important? Money or Love?

She’s climbing the ladder. He’s hit rock bottom. Can unselfish love bring them together? Adam struggles to reclaim his life after the death of his brother. While he knows he should trust his faith, he turns to the bottle instead. But a chance meeting with an ambitious beauty inspires purpose, happiness, and something more… Benita won’t rest until she’s reached the top. But with her next promotion opportunity in Spain, she hopes Adam can help her learn a second language. As she studies with every waking moment, she’s surprised how often thoughts of her tutor dance across her mind. What will happen if she gets the job? Adam’s heart plunges at the thought of Benita moving halfway across the world. Can they help each other and find a place where love wins at last? 

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Kissing the Wrong Twin by Christina Herrera

Identical twin brothers attracted to one girl. What could go wrong?

I have a crush on Brennan Lopez.
The only problem is I keep getting him mixed up with his identical twin brother.
Not to mention, the most powerful girl in my high school is out to get me.
Why? Let’s just say we haven’t ever been besties.
And we both like the same guy.
But I’m not going to let her get to me.
I’m going to get Brennan Lopez’s attention if it’s the last thing I do.
Even if it means talking to his identical twin brother until he notices me.