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A Second Chance at Christmas for Jessie & Rick by Kadee McDonald

A teacher, a single dad, and a little girl with an amazing talent… Jessie: I love teaching, and I’ve always loved Christmas, so I’m happy to help produce the school’s winter concert. And when a new student sings like an angel and I discover she’s the daughter of my long-time crush, I’m looking forward to it more than ever. Rick, her police officer dad, saved my life once, but now I have to convince him that the show is a good idea. Then there’s that time I kissed him at the town sledding event four years ago… Rick: Jessie is beautiful and I’ll never forget that kiss, but I need to remember that she’s my boss’s daughter and keep my distance. Besides, being a good dad is my main focus. My little girl really wants to sing in the concert, but I’m afraid that will start her down the same wrong road her mother traveled. If I let her perform on stage, will I be able to keep her safe? 

Winnie's Christmas Wishes by Marisa Masterson

She craves to be needed. He just wants a mother for his children. Can love grow out of this marriage of convenience? Winnie’s life is all about helping others, but she longs for a family of her own. When her sister brings a matchmaker to her door, Winnie grabs hold of a future, one that includes a husband and children. Shrug Brandt is stubborn, but his children desperately need a mother. To get them one, he’ll accept a wife—a wife that his heart refuses to love and then lose. He’ll give the spinster bride his name, but he won’t share his heart with her. Will this holiday surprise heal this family’s grief and give Winnie her Christmas wish? 

The Billionaire's Christmas Baby by Nala Henkel Aislinn

Hunter is angry that Natalie is dictating how she’ll sign their divorce papers. Natalie is counting on Hunter being angry enough to meet her face to face. She’s hoping the miracle inside her will help her save their marriage. Hunter Grant III wants to move on from his broken marriage. He’d been wrong about Natalie—she isn’t sweet and honest, she’s calculating and shady. Just look at the ultimatum she gave him to sign the divorce papers! He had to bring them to her at some Pacific Northwest ski resort. Natalie’s nervous about her plan to win Hunter back. “Just tell him the truth,” her best friend, Nate, advises. “You’ve been faithful to him since the day you met.” But Natalie is worried her secret will have the opposite effect. That he’ll still want to divorce her AND keep the baby he doesn’t know about. With a friend and a significant other complicating the matter, will Hunter and Natalie be able to hear what their hearts are saying? Whose heart with the magical Snow Fox soften first, allowing their deepest wish to come true?