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Christmas Wishes in Wild Harbor by Grace Worthington

 Finding love is the last thing on her wish list. When Mila Sutton returns to Wild Harbor for the holidays, there’s no way she’s falling in love. She has a struggling wedding shop to save and a heart that’s been burned before. But when her matchmaking grandmother offers her a loan in exchange for Mila finding a date over the holidays, she can’t refuse. Now Mila is looking for a fake date with no strings attached—the type of man who will fulfill two requirements to pull off the charade: all fun and no romance. Because no matter what happens while she’s home, she’s definitely not falling in love. Enter Max Malone, the perfect pretend boyfriend. Everyone in Wild Harbor wants to fix him up, but the last thing he’s interested in is being tied down. Together, Max and Mila concoct the perfect plan for their fake dating scheme. A pretend relationship that ends when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve and Mila leaves for good. But what happens when Max breaks the no romance agreement and starts to have feelings for Mila? Can their relationship be something more than a charade? Or will time run out before Max can convince Mila that his love is real? 

A Dash of Daring by Robyn Chalmers

They call her Lady Luck…but that never helped Diana Kingsley, daughter of England’s finest horse breeder, in matters of the heart. In fact, she’s been decidedly unlucky after jilting her fiancée at the altar five years ago. Having endured ruin once, Diana is determined never to court it again. But when her father sells her beloved racehorse to the Prince of Wales, desperate times call for unconventional measures. Every gentleman knows that the sister of your best friend is forbidden. Especially when you have nothing to offer her but a mountain of debt and an empty title. So instead Alex, Earl Templeton watches out for Diana, spars with Diana and, on one momentous occasion, stops her engagement. Now she is engaged again and once again engaged to the wrong man. This time he must keep his opinion to himself. No matter what. When the Prince of Wales announces a race to Brighton with a thousand guineas as the reward, Alex sees a way to pay his debts, Diana sees a way to buy her horse back.  

The Viscount's Christmas Queen by Rose Pearson

Determined to avoid each other, Lord Northwick and Miss Ainsley are forced to interact during the Duke’s house party. When secrets are revealed, will they change from enemies to friends… and perhaps something more? Lucius, Viscount of Northwick, is deeply frustrated when Miss Ainsley joins them unexpectedly, ruining the enjoyment of the Christmas house party for him. Having fallen out with Miss Ainsley during the summer Season, he considers returning to his estate, only for a bullet pudding to change everything! Miss Jane Ainsley is determined to ignore Lord Northwick as best she can, only to win the bullet pudding game alongside him. Forced to playact for a day and a night, she battles her changing feelings. When Lord Northwick reveals more to her than Jane ever expected, she is lost in confusion – and then determined to help him. Will the Christmas gathering do anything to change these enemies to friends… or even into something more? Will either of them admit to what it is they feel, especially when a dark secret is thrown open into the light? 

The Fulton Ridge Family Series Box Set by Laura Domino

Love changes lives. Pam, Jessie, Paige, and Missy tell their stories in this four-book spin-off series. The other Fulton Ridge characters do pop in from time to time, so be on the lookout for your favorites. If you like Christian romances and happily-ever-afters, you’ll love this box set. Includes: Pam’s Christmas Kisses, Jessie’s Hairy Christmas, Paige’s Dressy Christmas, and Missy’s Perfect Party.

Pam’s Christmas Kisses: Love is more than meets the eye. She’s been keeping secrets. He’s been hiding scars. Will Paul and Pam allow love to grow in the hidden places of the heart? When Paul’s friend and matchmaker introduces him to Pam, he realizes that Pam also didn’t know it was a blind date. He thinks she’ll turn away as soon as she sees his scars. Pam likes Paul and treasures their relationship, but she must stop herself from falling in love. She can’t allow her mistakes to be discovered. When a long lost family friend shows up, everything changes. Can love grow in the darkness of secrets? (Read blurbs for books 2-4 over on Amazon) 

See Beneath Your Perfect by Eunice Nascimento

Shereen and Mo have been friends since they were three. Shereen’s loved him almost as long. He married someone else—but fate is about to throw them together… When a tragic loss leaves Mo widowed and a single dad, his best friend Shereen steps into his life to help. But when his son tells him that Shereen’s his Earth mum while his departed mother is his heaven mum, Mo realizes that maybe it’s time to move on. Of course, falling in love after loss isn’t easy. Mo needs to work past his fear, his sadness, and his still-strong tie to his late wife. Shereen’s never admitted she’s in love with Mo, and now she’s not sure she ever can. Before, preserving their friendship meant more to her, and she watched him marry someone else. Losing him hurt her deeply, and no man earned her heart after him. So when the opportunity to try to make him hers arises, she leaps at the chance. But he remains steadfast and committed to his late wife. Maybe fate’s keeping his love off-limits… or maybe she needs to discover how to make him understand she’s loved him forever. 

The Merry Mishap by Ruth Pendleton

She is a decorating specialist with no time in her day for disruptions. He is a handsome billionaire with a tragic past. When a scheduling mishap lands her in the wrong house, will she be able to sweet talk her way out of the mistake? Lucy Miner loves her job creating designer trees for wealthy clients. A computer glitch sends her to the wrong house where her decorating job turns into a glittery fiasco. When she is accused of trespassing, she wants nothing more than to get to the right house to work her Christmas magic. First she has to stop crossing paths with the handsome stranger who keeps showing up when she least expects him. Joseph Walton has everything money can buy, but none of the happiness. A tragic accident years ago left no room in his heart for Christmas cheer. Especially not when it comes in the form of a beautiful woman decorating a giant pink tree in his living room. He’d like nothing more than to shoo the pretty decorator away, but he finds himself bumping into her everywhere he goes. It will take more than a hot glue gun to melt this grouch’s cold heart. Does Lucy have the right tools for the job?

The Conqueror's Dilemma by Elizabeth Bailey

On the edge of social disaster. Impossibly attracted to a leader of fashion. Floundering in the unfamiliar rules of the Ton, Tiffany Felton is grateful to the sympathetic Conqueror. But her chaperon’s status threatens to undermine a promising friendship. Will blows hot and cold as Tiffany’s affections grow. Reluctant to endanger his position, William Westerham battles against the allure of Tiffany’s innocence and impish ways. Dare Will breach the social barriers? Or is Tiffany doomed to yearn for what can never be?