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For Richer, For Poorer by Rose Pearson

The Earl of Wiltsham, despondent about his lost fortune, finds a desperate lady in his townhouse! Might Julia be the key to recovering his fortune and finding a life of love? Signing over his fortune to an unknown gentleman has left the Earl of Wiltsham practically penniless – made all the worse by the fact that he can barely remember anything. When an old friend gives him a flicker of hope, Benjamin returns to his London townhouse, only to discover a young lady sleeping in one of his bedchambers! Miss Julia Carshaw has decided to run away from London and from her brother’s demands to wed. Hearing that there is one empty townhouse, she finds her way inside – only to come face to face with one Viscount Wiltsham. Begging him to help her, Julia quickly comes up with a way to tie herself to Lord Wiltsham for good – learning too late that he has no wealth to speak of. But she has a plan to recover it. What risks will she take to help him?  

The Boss's Baby Rescue by Jenna Brandt

 A rookie search and rescue firefighter, the DCSRA division head who also happens to be a new mother, and a pyromaniac with a grudge to settle. Carter Reid finally landed his dream job as an instructor at DCSRA, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. His best friend’s widow left town without a word, leaving him to wonder what he did wrong. What he doesn’t expect is to find her serving as his new boss. Nora Parker can’t believe the way her life turned out. One moment she’s working as a fire captain alongside her husband in Boston, and the next, the building comes down on him, destroying both their lives. To make it even more tragic, she finds out a month after his death she’s pregnant with his child. Escape seems like the best option, so after the birth, she accepts a job as the head of the fire division for DCSRA only to find out her husband’s best friend, Carter, has a job at the academy, too. What will happen when Carter and Nora are forced to work together? Will they finally give into the feelings that manifested during their loss? And will they be able to stop the arsonist who has followed them from Boston, set on revenge?  

Fancy Meeting You Here by Christy Hayes

Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and this time there’s no keeping the flames under wraps. After ending a passionate affair, Shelby Zurlo thinks she has it all—a career built on brains and not beauty and the independence she craves. But her graphic design business is struggling, and her solo status in a world made for couples leaves her lonely. When a client asks a favor—a favor she can’t refuse—Shelby runs headfirst into her biggest mistake and her biggest regret. Nick Chamberlain is living the dream. He’s got a successful business venture, a strong and supportive family, and a social life most guys would envy. If only he could move on from the woman who shattered his heart and never looked back. When a chance meeting forces Shelby and Nick to interact, sparks fly and tempers flare. Nick is determined to win Shelby back; Shelby is just as committed to keeping Nick in the friend zone. In a battle of wits, will stubborn hearts bend and sway, or snap in the headwinds of love? 

Take A Chance by Lynn Ross

Professional and ambitious to a fault, Cora O’Malley has no time for the fascinating mystery author, Trent Rogers, she chances to meet in the airport — even if he is easy on the eyes. But when she returns from an extremely successful business trip only to find herself fired with an explanation that makes no sense, Cora decides to hire Trent to find out the real story. Trent keeps it to himself that writing mysteries and conducting actual investigations are two very different things. The assignment is the perfect excuse to get to know Cora better, especially now that she has the time for romance. But Cora also has a wild-child past that Trent never would have expected of the buttoned-up businesswoman he first met. Part of her past is Dougie, her childhood best friend whose casual familiarity with Cora sets Trent’s teeth on edge. Suddenly, relationship-challenged Cora has to decide whether she wants to fan flames from a comfortable old spark or take a chance on a new love.  

A Christmas Kiss by Joann Baker & Patricia Mason

 Taking risks in business had made Maddox Walker a multi-millionaire, and his best friend, Emma, had been there with him every step of the way. With the holidays approaching, she was the only thing he wanted under his tree—and in his bed. Was he willing to take his biggest risk yet to claim the curvy beauty? Taking her relationship with Maddox out of the “friend” zone, had been Emma’s dream since the first time she’d met him in college and the company’s holiday party was the perfect opportunity to show him her true feelings. Would a Christmas kiss under the mistletoe make her merry—or miserable?