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A Viscount's Stolen Fortune by Rose Pearson

A Viscount who has lost his fortune…can he regain it with the help of a young lady destined to become a companion? Viscount William Foster is devastated when he wakes up to discover he has, somehow, lost his fortune. Believing that he has been cheated out of it, he is determined to regain it in whatever way he can, only to find his fiancée no longer eager to wed him and society turning away from him entirely. Lost and confused, he receives an offer of help from one young lady that he simply cannot refuse. Miss Alice Lawrence must marry by the time the Season ends, else face the consequence of becoming a companion. Hearing the news of Lord Foster’s difficulties, she offers her aid to help him regain his fortune, with the promise of matrimony should they succeed. Will he agree to her bargain? Is it even possible to regain his fortune?

Second Chance for Christmas by Anne Kemp

All she needs is a Christmas miracle so she can win back her St. Nick… Ellie Briggs and Nick Harrington went their separate ways a few years ago when her career pulled her in a different direction to his. She made a choice to leave while he stayed in the Caribbean to build his life. Now a social media diva in New York, she finds herself questioning her actions. After her current relationship tumbles around her ears, Ellie heads back to St Kitts for Christmas. Catching up with old friend Leigh George is just what’s needed, and maybe another chance with Nick. With a little sprinkle of the George sisters’ magic, and some help from the locals, will Ellie and Nick find a way to try again?

Salty Sisters The Complete Collection Boxset by Carmen Cruz

Family over career. Forgiveness over resentment. These are just a few of the challenging choices Cassie must make to thrive during the most stressful experiences of her life… all happening at once. Cassie McKenna receives terrible news over the phone about her mother, which brings her back in contact with her sister, who she cannot stand to be around. Her sister’s husband adds even more drama with his mischief. Cassie accidentally bumps into a tall, attractive guy who she had been avoiding at all costs. “I want to talk to you” was precisely what she did not want him to say. There could not have been a worse time to run into the man who repulsively betrayed her trust. 

Angel and the Neville Next Door by Jeanine Lauren

What do you get when you add a woman going through divorce, a cat named Angel, a dog named Neville, and a man who just wants to be left alone for the holidays? A delightful holiday romance that will brighten your day and warm your heart. A year after a difficult marital separation, fifty-six-year-old Helen wants to escape town and spend her holiday away from everyone who knows her or her ex-husband. When her friend Sylvia calls from Sunshine Bay to ask her to cat-sit Angel, Helen jumps at the chance for a peaceful holiday away from everything she has known. All is well until she meets the neighbors: Neville, a devilish Westie determined to escape his yard to pursue Angel, and Joe, Neville’s grumpy, reluctant dog-sitter, who makes Helen’s heart beat a little faster whenever he’s around. Joe is spending the holidays alone this year except for his son’s West Highland terrier, Neville, a dog that hasn’t met an obstacle he can’t dig under or squeeze through. Neville’s antics are interfering with Joe’s ability to get his work done. Worse, Neville has attracted the attention of the new neighbor, Helen, a bewitching woman Joe is finding hard to ignore. The more Helen and Joe try to keep Neville happy and out of trouble, the more sparks fly between them. Will the pair solve the problem of Neville and be able to have the peaceful holiday they both crave? Or with Neville’s help, will they see they belong together?