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A Runaway Bride to Cherish by Emberly Hart

After debarking from the train, the bride must report directly to the Espousal Alliance Office on Monroe Street, to be appointed lodgings and details about her husband-to-be. These were the only instructions Anna Winters had received upon getting herself into this mess—or her new life, rather. But the bottom line is she’s running, pure and simple, from her warm, protected life as a young woman of upstanding birth in Concord. Now she’s about to become bride to a man she doesn’t even know, but at least it isn’t to that dastardly rake who ruined her for any other good man. Only, the bigger problem is she’s arrived on the wrong date and the office isn’t ready to receive her. Also, she has no husband-to-be yet assigned, and there are no lodgings. William McCoe is the owner of the best saloon in Topeka and he’s about to invest in the Santa Fe Railroad as well, which should make him a millionaire by the time he’s thirty. His aspirations are larger than his reputation for living fast and loose, so to even things out, he’s on the lookout for a woman to toy with. When he sets his sights on a sweet little miss with her nose in the air, his intrigue leads him to open communications, only to discover she’s only available if he’s in the market for marriage. Which he absolutely is not. Not ever… 

Once Upon A Dragon by Amberlyn Holland

This Cinderella’s not at the ball to dance. He’s a prince in disguise searching for a magic pumpkin that might be the key to saving his parents and his kingdom. Prince Asher’s task is simple. Sneak into the Royal Ball of Glicien. Uncover the royal family’s closely guarded magic secrets. Then escape before anyone is the wiser. But Ash didn’t plan on Princess Beatrix getting in his way at every turn. Since tragedy drove her sisters into exile, Bea has striven to be the perfect daughter and heir. Now the king’s failing health leaves the kingdom vulnerable to political maneuvering. To protect Glicien and ease her dying father’s fears, Bea must choose a consort. Soon. Unfortunately, only two men catch her attention. The unsuitable and secretive gardener. And a masked nobleman who disappears from the ball after a single dance. When a magic heirloom goes missing, though, Bea discovers the two men are really the same person. And he’s the thief. Can Bea trust Ash to help her save her kingdom and her father? Or will he steal away with her heart and her family secrets to rescue his own parents from a cruel curse? 

A Groom By Surprise by Laura Ashwood

A proxy bride, a surprise groom and the secrets that could tear them apart. Sarah Clark is utterly alone. Her sister’s dying wish was for Sarah to take her place as a proxy bride. But Sarah isn’t so sure that she can go through with deceiving her sister’s would-be husband and his family…especially when she begins to fall for her new husband, Levi Nelsen. Levi Nelsen has given up on marriage. After two failed attempts at securing a bride, he’s resigned to being a bachelor — that is, until his attorney brother tricks him into signing a marriage by proxy certificate. Suddenly, he finds himself with a wife he didn’t want. Can a marriage built on deception become something meant to be?

Stranded in Paradise Boxed Set by Elana Johnson

Escape to Getaway Bay for some seriously sweet romance. This complete collection features four sweet romance novels that will leave you stranded with a hero! You’ll get swept away with a billionaire, a Navy SEAL, a quarterback, and a cowboy billionaire in four love stories that will leave you breathless.
The Perfect Storm: A freak storm has her sliding down the mountain…right into the arms of her ex.
The Overboard Mistake: Friends who ditch her. A pod of killer whales. A limping cruise ship. All reasons Iris finds herself stranded on a deserted island with the handsome Navy SEAL…
The Cruising Fiasco: He can throw a precision pass, but he’s dead in the water in matters of the heart…
The Sand Bar Misstep: Tired of the dating scene, a cowboy billionaire puts up an Internet ad to find a woman to come out to a deserted island with him to see if they can make a love connection…

A Quirky Bride to Treasure by Emberly Hart

When Mina Fischer boards what is dubbed the Bridal Train to Kansas, she is well aware of her duties to her soon-to-be husband. Though being a quiet girl raised in the country, she knows better how to talk to sheep and horses than men. Still, she must try to be engaging and helpful to her new husband—whoever he may be. Her only hope is that the Espousal Alliance Office will find her a match who does not mind her simple ways. And if he enjoys animals as much as she does, all the better. George Lawrence is not entirely prepared to be married, but who ever is? His fellow directors of the railroad he’s invested in are encouraging him to take a wife, so as to appear more stable, helping them receive the government land grant they need. Somehow he finds himself with a shy little bride, wondering how to get on with her when he is so social and she seems to have come from another world. While Mina flounders with her new duties, which are nothing like farm chores back in Virginia, George is taken for a wild ride with his lovely wife who is so full of strange and amusing ideas, including the number of animals that should be allowed to sleep in their bed. She worries over whether or not she pleases George, but unfolding events reveal how resourceful she is—but will she help or hinder him?  

Falling For The Boss

Raises, promotions and recognition… With work, it’s all business and no pleasure, right? That is until the man who signs those paychecks you work so hard for, makes your cheeks flush and your eyes twinkle when he’s in the room with you. Surely it’s just a crush. Or is there more to it? Could it be the start of something you didn’t know you wanted? What happens when that workplace crush suddenly turns into a workplace romance? This heart-warming, hilarious anthology will bring scandals, laugh-out-loud funny, closed door romantic comedy that’s sure to entertain you for hours.