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The Right Resolution by Kristen Ethridge

She needs this year to be different…but there’s one resolution she didn’t plan on making. When the clock strikes midnight at her beachside cottage on New Year’s Eve, Eve Larson plans a fresh start following a year of heartbreaking disappointments. But when an enemy from her past tracks her down, will he stand in the way of rebuilding her dreams? Add in a treasured royal heirloom, New Year’s resolutions, and sweet kisses on moonlit beaches, and you have the start of one unforgettable year.

The Iceberg by Laura Domino

Meeting her was just the tip of the iceberg. Curtis wants to build his catering business, not get distracted by the beautiful woman next door. When his business partner’s penchant for betting catapults him into an unexpected date with Hannah, Curtis falls in love. Hannah wants to be left alone in her cocoon of reading and gardening. She never asked to have her life of solitude interrupted. Her heart isn’t ready. Time hasn’t healed all wounds. How will she let go of her past and give love another chance?

The Problem with Planning by Claire Cain

Single dad. Divorcé. Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army. All titles I’ve come to terms with, even if I didn’t see those first two coming. I never imagined making a military move to Germany as a single parent. What else I never imagined? Having an insane spark like I’ve never felt with my son’s kindergarten teacher. Livie’s a singular force of light and beauty, and I’ve never wanted someone so much. But after what happened last time, I can’t escape the dread of dragging a new wife into this life and failing again. Besides, our lives are too different. Our plans don’t match. We definitely shouldn’t date and absolutely can’t afford to catch feelings. Everything changed the day I walked into that classroom. And now the only thing that scares me more than trying for another chance at love is living with regret if I don’t.

Love at Wild Harbor by Grace Worthington

One chocolate shop. Two fixer uppers. Three feisty sisters. One sweet love story to bring it all together. Lily Woods never expected to start life over again at thirty. But when she opens a chocolate shop and buys a dilapidated beach cottage in Wild Harbor, she’s ready to begin a new chapter, spending her days and nights creating fabulous chocolate treats. TV star Alex Briggs isn’t about to put his heart on the line. He’s finally landed his dream job as the host of a wildly popular home renovation show. Now he’s returning to Wild Harbor to flip a beach cottage, but he never imagined the project would land him next to the captivating girl who rejected him in high school. Alex never recovered the piece of his heart he gave to Lily all those years ago. How will he keep his distance now that he can’t escape the girl next door? Lily’s determined to fix up her beach bungalow on her terms, but Alex isn’t about to let her do it alone. Before Lily can stop him, Alex is on a mission to renovate her home and prove he’s the kind of man she can trust. But secrets from their past threaten to destroy their relationship before it begins. Can this small town girl and big city star overcome their differences and find love again?

Meet Fake by Abi Sabina

How difficult could it be pretending to be in love with a virtual stranger? I’ll do anything to get my trust fund on my twenty-fifth birthday, even if it means striking a deal with the new barista. My parents think they can manipulate me into being the robot they deem acceptable to society by withholding my trust fund, but the joke’s on them if they think I’ll give in to their demands. I’m a Remington, which means stubborn is my middle name. Sage is perfect for the role of fake girlfriend, but at some point, pretending to date her turns into real feelings that make me question every dream I’ve had.

A Runaway Bride to Cherish by Emberly Hart

After debarking from the train, the bride must report directly to the Espousal Alliance Office on Monroe Street, to be appointed lodgings and details about her husband-to-be. These were the only instructions Anna Winters had received upon getting herself into this mess—or her new life, rather. But the bottom line is she’s running, pure and simple, from her warm, protected life as a young woman of upstanding birth in Concord. Now she’s about to become bride to a man she doesn’t even know, but at least it isn’t to that dastardly rake who ruined her for any other good man.Only, the bigger problem is she’s arrived on the wrong date and the office isn’t ready to receive her. Also, she has no husband-to-be yet assigned, and there are no lodgings. William McCoe is the owner of the best saloon in Topeka and he’s about to invest in the Santa Fe Railroad as well, which should make him a millionaire by the time he’s thirty. His aspirations are larger than his reputation for living fast and loose, so to even things out, he’s on the lookout for a woman to toy with. When he sets his sights on a sweet little miss with her nose in the air, his intrigue leads him to open communications, only to discover she’s only available if he’s in the market for marriage.Which he absolutely is not. Not ever…

Christmas in Sweetheart Springs: An Anthology Prequel

Each of these three prequel stories introduces you to a Sweetheart Springs couple, coming soon to your e-reader (or in paperback) in the form of a second chance love story. So grab a chair, a blanket, and some hot cocoa, and come visit our little town full of Christmas shenanigans and clean, wholesome romance.

Eggnog in the Evergreens by Monique Brasher: They were never supposed to fall in love, let alone elope in Vegas. But love doesn’t pick sides.

Laughter and Lattes by B Burton: Falling in love at the Sweetheart Games, Lena and Pete seek to make love work in a life that has them on two different paths. 

Cocoa in the Candlelight by Kimberly Hanson: Being paired with your brother’s best friend and first love. Christmas magic in the air. What could go wrong?