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By Vengeance Guided by Amberlyn Holland

Love or Duty? Sometimes saving one means sacrificing the other… Lia’s family has protected the ancient magic hidden of Hara Dale for millennia. Now, in the first months of her rule, politics and intrigue threaten to reveal her secrets and drag her tiny kingdom to the brink of war. Lia will do whatever it takes to keep that from happening. For seven years, Lord Caerwyn’s quest for vengeance was thwarted time and time again. Traveling in disguise, his search leads him to Hara Dale and the rumors of its strange magic. Before long, Caer is sure exposing the kingdom’s mysteries will lead him to the sorcerer responsible for the murder of his parents. Nothing will stop Caer from avenging their deaths and ending the ever-present danger to his family. Until an unexpected spell binds them together, forcing Lia and Caer to unravel the lies between them and learn to trust each other. When a greater threat strikes close to home, their only choice is to confront the dark magic menacing everything they’re sworn to protect. Even if it means sacrificing the connection growing between them.

Bride for the Innkeeper by Jo Grafford

He’s a disinherited younger son. She’s a poverty-stricken cowgirl. Though they don’t see eye-to-eye on how to run a business together, attraction sparks the moment they meet. Edward Remington is on a mission to restore the Texas inn he’s inherited to its former glory — proving to his family that he can survive without their wealth. It’s not an easy task, with a trio of cowboy brothers attempting to jump a claim on the place, neighbors to the south disputing land boundaries, and no women in town to soften the edges of the brawling settlers. He submits an application to a mail-order bride agency, stressing his need for a lady with the social graces necessary to step into the role of an inn proprietress. Maybe the agency misunderstood his application, or maybe they never bothered reading it in the first place, because they ultimately send Lacey Cleveland his way — a heart-stopping beauty in a threadbare dress with a toddler in her arms and a whole new pack of trouble dogging her heels.

A Duke to Elude by Wendy May Andrews

She’s waiting for true love. He’s tasked with uncovering the truth. When nefarious schemes threaten her reputation, he finds his heart on the line with it. Lady Rosabel, eldest daughter of the Earl of Sherton, has no interest in being a Duchess, despite countless proposals from eligible nobility. Secretly, she is waiting for a love match—preferably with someone who carries no title. Bel’s third Season is predictably disappointing until the mysterious Duke of Wexford arrives and has her questioning her plans to refuse any suitor with his status. James Allingham, the 6th Duke of Wexford, seems to have inherited the role as advisor to the ailing King along with the dukedom. Investigating Lord Prescott’s schemes is tricky enough without the interference of Lady Rosabel. She is beautiful and intelligent, but Wexford has no time for courting. Wexford needs to uncover everything about Prescott’s plans to destabilize the colonies. When Lady Rosabel is implicated in the schemes, James fights his suspicions of—and his attraction to—the beautiful young woman as he presses on to find the truth.

The Wife Finder by Melissa McClone

He’s about to get his first taste of failure, and she’s about to break the rules. When it comes to love, all bets are off. Self-made billionaire Blaise Mortenson made a wager to see who will be the last bachelor…but his plan to win could backfire when he starts to fall for the matchmaker he hired to find perfect matches for his friends. Known for running her matchmaking business like a clandestine military op, precisely controlling every feasible outcome, Hadley’s matchmaking success rate is unbeatable…but finding love for herself has been nearly impossible. There’s no way her happily ever after could come in the form of a tech billionaire who isn’t even looking for love…is there? What should have been a simple business transaction quickly turns into something way more complicated, and Blaise starts to wonder if he’s in danger of losing more than just the bet…