Reviving Their Love by Jenna Brandt


Aaron West can’t believe who ended up in his ambulance…

His best friend’s sister is barely back in town when tragedy strikes.

It’s not easy keeping the secret that Aaron once had a summer fling with his best friend’s little sister. Every time he sees her on social media, he wonders if she hadn’t returned to college last fall, would they’ve ended up married? Now, she’s back and he wants to ask for another shot, but his chance is cut short when she’s in a near-fatal car accident and wakes up with amnesia.

Bailey James can’t remember who she is, or anything from her past. The people claiming to be her family feel like strangers, and the only person she finds vaguely familiar is the handsome paramedic that rescued her from her sinking car. The doctor tells her it’s a good idea to spend time with her brother’s best friend, but Aaron behaves odd around her and she can’t figure out why. At least until she finds her old journals filled with details about their secret passion-filled relationship. Is that why she’s so attracted to him, or is it because the love she secretly felt for him, never went away?

You’ll love this suspenseful romance from award-winning and bestselling author, Jenna Brandt, because everyone loves to see a struggling hero find his way to a happily ever after.