The Heiress by Kylie Key

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A boy with broken dreams…A girl who can help him soar.

I’ve lived a life of luxury, a charmed life, Daddy’s princess in a world of global corporations. But in a complete turnaround, my parents send me to Covington Prep, a private school in the small town of River Valley. Incognito, quiet, a chance to live a normal life out of the spotlight. And no, I’m not happy being separated from my family.

In order to survive my senior year, my plan is to keep to myself. But I gain a reputation as the ice queen, aloof and reserved, and though I wasn’t looking for friends, my intention wasn’t to make enemies either. But there seems to be a growing list of kids who don’t like me. And when I nearly knock down Phoenix Carter, I’m pretty sure I can add his name to it.

Phoenix uses crutches, he’s learning to walk again. And now that I’m forced to spend Thanksgiving weekend with his family, I see the battles Phoenix has to face every day, the dreams he’s trying to hang on to. And while nothing in my life is going as I hoped, he’s going through way worse.

I thought freezing everyone out was the best thing, but something happens when I’m around Phoenix. I start to melt, I soften…

But how do I get Phoenix to see the real me?